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Application NumberProposalProperty AddressClosing DateSuburb
PA22-0697Removal of Restrictive Covenant K6104915 George Street HAMPTON PARK VIC 397619/12/2022HAMPTON PARK
PA22-0693Development of a Shed49 Hardy Avenue CANNONS CREEK VIC 397729/11/2022CANNONS CREEK
PA22-0691Alterations and Additions to the Existing Dwelling and Development of a Second Dwelling30 Sheoak Street DOVETON VIC 317712/12/2022DOVETON
PA22-0657Variation of Restrictive Covenant AC077266N (to remove Clause (i)(a-e))2 Valda Close BERWICK VIC 380612/12/2022BERWICK
PA22-0629Development of Four Dwellings11 Hayes Road HAMPTON PARK VIC 397612/12/2022HAMPTON PARK
PA22-0681Use and Development of a Child Care Centre (Education Centre)1 Grantchester Road NARRE WARREN NORTH VIC 380409/12/2022NARRE WARREN NORTH
PA22-0624Development of Additions to an existing Dwelling (Alfresco, Pool Pavillion & Fence) on Land Partially Affected by a Special Building Overlay114-116 Hallam North Road NARRE WARREN NORTH VIC 380428/11/2022NARRE WARREN NORTH
PA22-0676Buildings and Works, Change of Use from a Place of Assembly to an Indoor Recreation Facility, Reduction in Car Parking and Display of Business Identification Signage14-18 Smethurst Street CRANBOURNE VIC 397712/12/2022CRANBOURNE
PA22-0637Removal of Restrictive Covenant N009795K3 Weeden Crescent HALLAM VIC 380312/12/2022HALLAM
PA22-0636Development of Habitable Outbuilding and Consent to Build Outside Building Envelope18 Green Mist Crescent BOTANIC RIDGE VIC 397728/11/2022BOTANIC RIDGE
PA22-0618Removal of Restrictive Covenant M032426L and Development of Two Dwellings39 Mossgiel Park Drive ENDEAVOUR HILLS VIC 380215/12/2022ENDEAVOUR HILLS
PA22-0599Use of the Premises as a Medical Centre (Dentist) and Display of Business Identification Signage165 Camms Road CRANBOURNE VIC 397705/12/2022CRANBOURNE
PPA22-0099Amendment to Planning Permit PlnA00443/19 (Development of a Second Dwelling and Alterations and Additions to an existing Dwelling)54A Glenburn Drive HALLAM VIC 380306/12/2022HALLAM
PA22-0563Alterations to the existing Dwelling and Development of a Second Dwelling39 Wallace Road CRANBOURNE VIC 397728/11/2022CRANBOURNE
PA22-0531Use of Premises as a Medical Centre6-8 The Gateway BERWICK VIC 380602/12/2022BERWICK
PA22-0523Development of Four (4) Double Storey Attached Dwellings with Associated Carparking Provision47 Meadow Wood Walk NARRE WARREN VIC 380528/11/2022NARRE WARREN
PA22-0515Alterations to the existing (Single Storey) Dwelling and Development of a Second (Double Storey) Dwelling with Associated Carparking Provision9 Lilly Pilly Avenue DOVETON VIC 317713/12/2022DOVETON
PA22-0462Four Lot Subdivision4-5 Bethel Close NARRE WARREN NORTH VIC 380412/12/2022NARRE WARREN NORTH
PA22-0399Alterations and Additions to the existing DwellingUnit 1/1 Jane Street BERWICK VIC 380628/11/2022BERWICK
PA22-0398Removal of Restrictive Covenant N466529C from Lot 3716 on LP201325R29 Huxley Crescent ENDEAVOUR HILLS VIC 380228/11/2022ENDEAVOUR HILLS
PA22-0367Two Lot Subdivision9 Jacques Road NARRE WARREN NORTH VIC 380406/12/2022NARRE WARREN NORTH
PA22-0356Development of Three Dwellings17 Ambleside Crescent BERWICK VIC 380605/12/2022BERWICK
PA22-0287Development of Two Dwellings27 Harkaway Road BERWICK VIC 380602/12/2022BERWICK
PA22-0260Alterations and Additions to the Existing Dwelling and Development of Two Additional Dwellings21 Green Valley Crescent HAMPTON PARK VIC 397629/11/2022HAMPTON PARK
PA22-0220Removal of a Registered Restrictive Covenant16 Cheviot Avenue BERWICK VIC 380605/12/2022BERWICK
PA22-0175Removal of Existing Dwelling and Development of Two Double Storey Dwellings45 John Fawkner Drive ENDEAVOUR HILLS VIC 380205/12/2022ENDEAVOUR HILLS
PA22-0007Two Lot Subdivision50-54 St Helens Crescent NARRE WARREN NORTH VIC 380413/12/2022NARRE WARREN NORTH

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