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Application NumberProposalProperty AddressClosing DateSuburb
PA21-0190Removal of Restrictive Covenant from Lot 1 on PS 720752K16 Bradley Terrace NARRE WARREN VIC 380522/04/2021NARRE WARREN
PA21-0089Development of Four Dwellings4 Scott Street CRANBOURNE VIC 397712/04/2021CRANBOURNE
PA21-0083Use of Premises for a Dental Clinic and Advertising Signage11 Tilmouth Place NARRE WARREN SOUTH VIC 380519/04/2021NARRE WARREN SOUTH
PA21-0073Development of Three Dwellings32 McLennan Street EUMEMMERRING VIC 317719/04/2021EUMEMMERRING
PA21-0057Three Lot Subdivision and Variation of Two (2) Restrictive Covenants R229014P on Lot 19, LP220971A - 20-21 Harries Court and R650484N on Lot 20, LP220971A - 19 Harries Court19 Harries Court NARRE WARREN NORTH VIC 380415/04/2021NARRE WARREN NORTH
PA21-0055Development of a Dwelling within 5 metres of a Drip Line of a Tree and Vegetation Removal108A Brisbane Street BERWICK VIC 380612/04/2021BERWICK
PA21-0029Development of Four Double Storey Dwellings16 Joseph Banks Crescent CRANBOURNE VIC 397726/04/2021CRANBOURNE
PA20-0967Development of Six Dwellings, Creation and Alteration to a Road in a Road Zone Category 1 and a Reduction in Visitor Car Parking Requirements93 Cameron Street CRANBOURNE VIC 397719/04/2021CRANBOURNE
PA21-0001Development of a Second Dwelling and Alterations to an existing Dwelling5 Gracilis Court ENDEAVOUR HILLS VIC 380219/04/2021ENDEAVOUR HILLS
PA20-0960Alterations to the existing Dwelling and Development of a Second Dwelling4 Ti-Tree Drive DOVETON VIC 317726/04/2021DOVETON
PA20-0963Development of a Second Dwelling and Alterations and Additions to an existing Dwelling1 Mimosa Street DOVETON VIC 317712/04/2021DOVETON
PA20-0958Alterations to the existing Dwelling and Development of a Second Dwelling10 The Spur HAMPTON PARK VIC 397619/04/2021HAMPTON PARK
PA20-0940Development of a Dwelling on Land Affected by a Significant Landscape Overlay47 Palmerston Street BERWICK VIC 380626/04/2021BERWICK
PA20-0932Development of a Second Dwelling and Alterations to the Existing Dwelling16 Ambleside Crescent BERWICK VIC 380612/04/2021BERWICK
PA20-0927Use of the Premises for the Purpose of Retail Premises (Motor Vehicle Sales)Fy 7/167 Princes Highway HALLAM VIC 380313/04/2021HALLAM
PA20-0864Development and Use of a Telecommunications Facility (26 metre high Monopole)190-192 South Gippsland Highway CRANBOURNE VIC 397719/04/2021CRANBOURNE
PA20-0870Development of a Second Dwelling15 Belmar Street CRANBOURNE VIC 397726/04/2021CRANBOURNE
PA20-0859Development of a Dwelling on Land affected by a Heritage and Significant Landscape Overlay15 Rutland Road BERWICK VIC 380619/04/2021BERWICK
PA20-0863Development of Three Dwellings71 Doveton Avenue EUMEMMERRING VIC 317712/04/2021EUMEMMERRING
PA20-0850Alterations to the existing Dwelling and Development of Two Additional Dwellings126 Oaktree Drive HAMPTON PARK VIC 397619/04/2021HAMPTON PARK
PA20-0823Development of a Second Dwelling and Alterations to the Existing Dwelling11 Somerville Road HAMPTON PARK VIC 397612/04/2021HAMPTON PARK
PA20-0820Development of Three Dwellings7 Queens Court BERWICK VIC 380619/04/2021BERWICK
PA20-0810Development of a Library and Multi- Purpose Space (Art) with Store Rooms to the existing Education Centre103-129 Oakgrove Drive NARRE WARREN SOUTH VIC 380503/05/2021NARRE WARREN SOUTH
PlnA00710/20Alterations to the existing Dwelling, Development of a Second Dwelling and Two Lot Subdivision42 Virginia Street CRANBOURNE VIC 397726/04/2021CRANBOURNE
PlnA00645/20Alterations to the existing Dwelling and Development of a Second Dwelling15 Garnet Court HAMPTON PARK VIC 397626/04/2021HAMPTON PARK
PlnA00626/20Use of a Contractors' Depot (Retrospective)31 Scott Road CRANBOURNE SOUTH VIC 397719/04/2021CRANBOURNE SOUTH
PlnA00583/20Development of a Second Dwelling25 Girvan Circuit ENDEAVOUR HILLS VIC 380219/04/2021ENDEAVOUR HILLS
PlnA00516/20Development of a Second Dwelling39 Fenfield Street CRANBOURNE VIC 397726/04/2021CRANBOURNE
PlnA00494/20Development of Three Dwellings7 Box Street DOVETON VIC 317726/04/2021DOVETON
PlnA01010/19Use and Development of a Service Station, Display of Externally Illuminated Business Identification Signage, Buildings and Works within 100 metres of a Road within a Road Zone Category 1 and to Create and Alter Access to a Road in a Road Zone Category 15 Rawlins Road DEVON MEADOWS VIC 397726/04/2021DEVON MEADOWS

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