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Application NumberProposalProperty AddressClosing DateSuburb
PA21-0923Two Lot Subdivision12 Lyall Street TOORADIN VIC 398024/01/2022TOORADIN
PA21-0880Development of an Outbuilding5 Woodlands Road CRANBOURNE SOUTH VIC 397724/01/2022CRANBOURNE SOUTH
PA21-0870Use of the Premises for an Indoor Recreation Facility (Sensory Gym)Unit 7/16-28 Melverton Drive HALLAM VIC 380306/12/2021HALLAM
PPA21-0136Amendment to Planning Permit PlnA00473/20 (Development of Five Dwellings and Car Parking Reduction)27 Evan Street BERWICK VIC 380613/12/2021BERWICK
PA21-0804Development of a Shed64 Rutherford Parade WARNEET VIC 398010/12/2021WARNEET
PA21-0729Development of an Outbuilding51 Carr-Boyd Road CRANBOURNE SOUTH VIC 397713/12/2021CRANBOURNE SOUTH
PA21-0782Development of Three Dwellings11 William Avenue HALLAM VIC 380324/01/2022HALLAM
PA21-0779Development of a Second Dwelling and Alterations and Additions to an existing Dwelling50 Scotsburn Way ENDEAVOUR HILLS VIC 380213/12/2021ENDEAVOUR HILLS
PA21-0771Development of a Dwelling, Front Fence and associated works within 5 metres of a drip line of a tree and Removal of TreesUnit 1/34 Peel Street BERWICK VIC 380610/12/2021BERWICK
PA21-0769Variation of Restriction (Building Envelope) under Section 23 of the Subdivision Act 198810 Manor Oak Place BERWICK VIC 380606/12/2021BERWICK
PA21-0751Development of Additions to the existing Dwelling90 Craigs Lane CANNONS CREEK VIC 397717/12/2021CANNONS CREEK
PA21-0727Development of Three Dwellings13 Hudson Street CRANBOURNE VIC 397706/12/2021CRANBOURNE
PA21-0724Development of Four Dwellings15 Channelle Close HAMPTON PARK VIC 397610/12/2021HAMPTON PARK
PA21-0714Liquor Licence (Sale and Consumption of Liquor in association with an existing Restaurant)Unit 6/2 Raymond McMahon Boulevard ENDEAVOUR HILLS VIC 380206/12/2021ENDEAVOUR HILLS
PA21-0642Development of Three Dwellings66 Frawley Road HALLAM VIC 380313/12/2021HALLAM
PA21-0692Development of Three Dwellings5 Melia Street DOVETON VIC 317706/12/2021DOVETON
PA21-0663Development of a Dwelling and a Front Fence on Land Affected by a Significant Landscape Overlay44 Peel Street BERWICK VIC 380613/12/2021BERWICK
PA21-0650Alterations and Additions to the Existing Dwelling63 Finsbury Road DEVON MEADOWS VIC 397707/12/2021DEVON MEADOWS
PA21-0654Development of a Dwelling and Removal of Vegetation on Land Affected by a Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO4)122-124 Brisbane Street BERWICK VIC 380617/12/2021BERWICK
PA21-0640Development of Three Dwellings17 Adam Avenue HALLAM VIC 380307/12/2021HALLAM
PA21-0608Development of a single storey replacement dwelling, native vegetation removal and associated works710 North Road PEARCEDALE VIC 391213/12/2021PEARCEDALE
PA21-0549Development of Sheds and Use of land for Domestic Animal Husbandry (Retrospective)16-18 Noack Road HARKAWAY VIC 380617/12/2021HARKAWAY
PA21-0502Development of Three Dwellings136 Doveton Avenue DOVETON VIC 317707/12/2021DOVETON
PA21-0475Development of Six Dwellings152 Clarendon Street CRANBOURNE VIC 397707/12/2021CRANBOURNE
PA21-0404Removal of a Restrictive Covenant (J160328), Development of a Second Dwelling and Alterations and Additions to an existing Dwelling6 Ponto Court ENDEAVOUR HILLS VIC 380216/12/2021ENDEAVOUR HILLS
PA21-0398Four Lot Subdivision, Creation of Easements and Creation of access to (and subdivision of land adjacent to) a Public Acquisition Overlay - Schedule 165 Berwick-Cranbourne Road CRANBOURNE EAST VIC 397713/12/2021CRANBOURNE EAST
PA21-0371Development of a Dependant Person’s Unit, a Shed and Carports to the ancillary to the existing dwelling on Land Affected by a Land Subject to Inundation Overlay67 Finsbury Road DEVON MEADOWS VIC 397724/01/2022DEVON MEADOWS
PA21-0318Development of Two Sheds and associated Vegetation Removal14 Homewood Road CRANBOURNE SOUTH VIC 397710/12/2021CRANBOURNE SOUTH
PA21-0275Development of Two Additional Dwellings65 Strathavan Drive BERWICK VIC 380606/12/2021BERWICK
PA21-0201Development of Two Dwellings1 Russel Avenue BERWICK VIC 380624/01/2022BERWICK
PA20-0787Development of Three Dwellings40 Fugosia Street DOVETON VIC 317707/12/2021DOVETON

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