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Application NumberProposalProperty AddressClosing DateSuburb
PA21-0683Development of Two Dwellings and Two Lot Subdivision5 Athlone Court ENDEAVOUR HILLS VIC 380220/09/2021ENDEAVOUR HILLS
PPA21-0114Amendment to Planning Permit PlnA00099/19 (Development of Two Additional Dwellings and Alterations and Additions to an existing Dwelling)15 Lilly Pilly Avenue DOVETON VIC 317704/10/2021DOVETON
PA21-0384Development of a Second Dwelling and Alterations and Additions to an existing Dwelling23 Stirling Avenue CRANBOURNE NORTH VIC 397704/10/2021CRANBOURNE NORTH
PA21-0639Development of Two Dwellings36 Power Road DOVETON VIC 317704/10/2021DOVETON
PA21-0587Development of Two Dwellings14 Bramley Court HALLAM VIC 380304/10/2021HALLAM
PA21-0575Development of Three Dwellings56 Cheviot Avenue BERWICK VIC 380627/09/2021BERWICK
PA21-0457Development of Alterations and Additions to an existing Dwelling3B East Road PEARCEDALE VIC 391204/10/2021PEARCEDALE
PA21-0532Packaged Liquor LicenceUnit 1/77-83 South Gippsland Highway CRANBOURNE VIC 397704/10/2021CRANBOURNE
PA21-0533Development of Three Dwellings8 Arnold Street CRANBOURNE VIC 397727/09/2021CRANBOURNE
PA21-0517Development of Two Dwellings4 Queens Court BERWICK VIC 380627/09/2021BERWICK
PA21-0474Development of Five Dwellings6 Olive Road EUMEMMERRING VIC 317704/10/2021EUMEMMERRING
PA21-0467Development of a Second Dwelling and Alterations and Additions to an existing Dwelling106 Lawless Drive CRANBOURNE NORTH VIC 397720/09/2021CRANBOURNE NORTH
PA21-0466Development of Four Dwellings1 Coniston Avenue BERWICK VIC 380627/09/2021BERWICK
PA21-0458Two Lot Subdivision1-5 Beaumont Road BERWICK VIC 380604/10/2021BERWICK
PA21-0460Two Lot Subdivision10 Bayview Road TOORADIN VIC 398004/10/2021TOORADIN
PA21-0452Development of a Second Dwelling23 Albert Road HALLAM VIC 380304/10/2021HALLAM
PA21-0391Development of Two Dwellings4 Nadia Court ENDEAVOUR HILLS VIC 380220/09/2021ENDEAVOUR HILLS
PA21-0428Development of Three Dwellings7 Canterbury Street CRANBOURNE VIC 397704/10/2021CRANBOURNE
PA21-0430Section 24A (Removal of Reserve Status & Vesting of Reserve to Council)1I Hilden Drive HARKAWAY VIC 380627/09/2021HARKAWAY
PA21-0409Development of Three Dwellings11 Ambleside Crescent BERWICK VIC 380604/10/2021BERWICK
PA21-0404Development of a Second Dwelling and Alterations and Additions to an existing dwelling6 Ponto Court ENDEAVOUR HILLS VIC 380220/09/2021ENDEAVOUR HILLS
PA21-0406Two Lot Subdivision28 Colley Street PEARCEDALE VIC 391204/10/2021PEARCEDALE
PA21-0396Development of Two Dwellings12 Averne Street CRANBOURNE VIC 397705/10/2021CRANBOURNE
PA21-0388Two Lot Subdivision and Removal of Restriction53-55 Fontaine Terrace NARRE WARREN NORTH VIC 380430/09/2021NARRE WARREN NORTH
PA21-0366Development of Three Dwellings58 Clairmont Avenue CRANBOURNE VIC 397705/10/2021CRANBOURNE
PA21-0335Development of Three Dwellings61 Aldridge Street ENDEAVOUR HILLS VIC 380220/09/2021ENDEAVOUR HILLS
PA21-0326Use and Development of a Dwelling On Land Affected by a Bushfire Management and Environmental Significance Overlay165A Browns Road CRANBOURNE SOUTH VIC 397720/09/2021CRANBOURNE SOUTH
PA21-0281Two Lot Subdivision1 Gori Court NARRE WARREN NORTH VIC 380427/09/2021NARRE WARREN NORTH
PA21-0310Development of a Five Storey Apartment Building (Excluding Basement) Consisting of Twenty-Two (22) Dwellings and a Reduction in Car Parking6 Jane Street BERWICK VIC 380620/09/2021BERWICK
PA21-0266Development of Two Dwellings8 Bruce Court BERWICK VIC 380620/09/2021BERWICK
PA21-0245Development of a Dwelling (Replacement) and a Shed48 Browns Road DEVON MEADOWS VIC 397704/10/2021DEVON MEADOWS
PA21-0249Two Lot Subdivision5 Lewis Street PEARCEDALE VIC 391204/10/2021PEARCEDALE
PA21-0118Development of Three Dwellings, Three Lot Subdivision and Buildings and Works in the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay29 Bayview Road TOORADIN VIC 398020/09/2021TOORADIN
PA21-0237Earthworks Associated with the Development of a Dam and Native Vegetation Removal83-115 Chadwick Road HARKAWAY VIC 380627/09/2021HARKAWAY
PA21-0213Development of a Second Dwelling30 Box Street DOVETON VIC 317704/10/2021DOVETON
PA21-0214Development of Three Dwellings22 Dunkinson Street NARRE WARREN VIC 380520/09/2021NARRE WARREN
PA21-0215Development of a Second Dwelling2 Piedmont Close ENDEAVOUR HILLS VIC 380204/10/2021ENDEAVOUR HILLS
PA21-0177Development of a Dwelling60 Finsbury Road DEVON MEADOWS VIC 397727/09/2021DEVON MEADOWS
PA21-0131Development of Four Dwellings45 Fountain Drive NARRE WARREN VIC 380504/10/2021NARRE WARREN
PA21-0002Development of a Second Dwelling and Additions and Alterations to an existing Dwelling12 Curtis Court CRANBOURNE VIC 397727/09/2021CRANBOURNE
PA20-0913Two Lot Subdivision and Removal of Restrictive Covenants (Instrument No. AG997420P and PS611298P)1-2 Freds Court NARRE WARREN NORTH VIC 380404/10/2021NARRE WARREN NORTH

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