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Application NumberProposalProperty AddressClosing DateSuburb
PPA21-0072Amendment to Planning Permit BK89/538 (Development of Two Dwellings), Converting A Carport to Garage and Removing A Visitor Parking SpaceUnit 1/57 Amber Crescent NARRE WARREN VIC 380528/06/2021NARRE WARREN
PA21-0354Development of a Swimming Pool in an Environmental Significance Overlay and outside the nominated Building Envelope7 Ridgeline Drive BOTANIC RIDGE VIC 397715/06/2021BOTANIC RIDGE
PA21-0277Section 23 (Creation of Easement)30 Volk Road CRANBOURNE WEST VIC 397715/06/2021CRANBOURNE WEST
PA21-0202Change of Use of Existing Caretaker's House to Accommodation Use (Max. 2 Persons Associated with the Existing Equestrian Facility)191 King Road HARKAWAY VIC 380628/06/2021HARKAWAY
PA21-0149Development of a Second Dwelling37 Blackwood Drive HAMPTON PARK VIC 397605/07/2021HAMPTON PARK
PA21-0129Alterations and Additions to the existing Dwelling and Development of a Second Dwelling9 Valma Avenue CRANBOURNE VIC 397715/06/2021CRANBOURNE
PA21-0097Development of a Second Dwelling7 Catalpa Street DOVETON VIC 317728/06/2021DOVETON
PA21-0101Development of a Second Dwelling and Alterations to the Existing Dwelling15 Parkland Avenue HAMPTON PARK VIC 397621/06/2021HAMPTON PARK
PPA21-0021Amendment to Planning Permit PlnA01089/15 (Use land (being the land more properly described as Lot 3 LP 82427 but not the Land marked “balance land” on the plans) for Industry (Concrete Batching Plant), Landscape Gardening Supplies and Trade Supplies in the Urban Growth Zone, construct buildings and works for a Section 2 use in the Urban Growth Zone, reduce on-site parking pursuant to Clause 52.06 and create or alter access to a road in a Road Zone Category 1 pursuant to Clause 52.29 in accordance with the endorsed plans)1470 Ballarto Road CLYDE VIC 397821/06/2021CLYDE
PA21-0040Development of Four Dwellings9 Gregory Court CRANBOURNE NORTH VIC 397721/06/2021CRANBOURNE NORTH
PA21-0050Development of a Dwelling1964 South Gippsland Highway DEVON MEADOWS VIC 397728/06/2021DEVON MEADOWS
PPA21-0006Amendment to Planning Permit PlnA00298/19 (Licensed Premises)1G/10-18 Society Avenue LYNDHURST VIC 397521/06/2021LYNDHURST
PA20-0948Alterations to the existing Dwelling and Development of a Second Dwelling8 Trentwood Road NARRE WARREN VIC 380515/06/2021NARRE WARREN
PA20-0937Section 23 (Creation of Easement) - Clarinda Park Estate Stage 3A Creation of Easement2I Quist Parade CRANBOURNE WEST VIC 397721/06/2021CRANBOURNE WEST
PA20-0917Development of a Second Dwelling6 Colby Place HAMPTON PARK VIC 397615/06/2021HAMPTON PARK
PA20-0891Use of the Land for the Purposes of a Food and Drink Premises, associated Buildings and Works, Business Identification Signage, and a Reduction in Car Parking Requirements99 Gleneagles Drive ENDEAVOUR HILLS VIC 380221/06/2021ENDEAVOUR HILLS
PA20-0781Alterations to the existing Dwelling and Development of an Additional Dwelling at the rear of property20 Damian Court CRANBOURNE VIC 397728/06/2021CRANBOURNE
PA20-0805Development of a Tennis Court37-41 Rowallan Avenue HARKAWAY VIC 380621/06/2021HARKAWAY
PA20-0741Alterations and Additions to the existing Dwelling and Development of a Second Dwelling15 Fulham Close HAMPTON PARK VIC 397621/06/2021HAMPTON PARK
PlnA00685/20Development of a Shed (rural store) and Removal of Vegetation385 Middle Road PEARCEDALE VIC 391221/06/2021PEARCEDALE
PlnA00731/19Development of Two Additional Dwellings and Three Lot SubdivisionUnit 1/30-32 Mickle Street TOORADIN VIC 398015/06/2021TOORADIN

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