Application Details

Application Details
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Subdivision Certification Details
Application NumberSubA00412/22
Application TypeSubdiv Certification App
Estate NameN/A
PS NumberPS912831U
PS Stage NumberN/A
Proposal DescriptionTwo Lot Subdivision
Lodgement Date11/11/2022
Estimated Value$0.00
StatusAwait Heavyweight or Digital Signature
Further Info Requested Date 
Further Info Received Date 
No of Objections0
Decision Date 
VCAT Lodged Date 
External Referral ExemptNot Exempt
Public Open Space Exempt 
Titles Office Approval 

Additional Details
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Property Details
Property Address1215S Ballarto Road CRANBOURNE EAST VIC 3977
Land DescriptionLot A PS 804791H

Ward Details

Related Applications
Application NumberPlnA00465/17
eTrack Application Details PagePlnA00465/17
Proposal- Multi-lot subdivision including subdivision within a Bushfire Management Overlay and subdivision adjoining a Road in a Road Zone Category 1; - Development of a single dwelling on each lot under 300 square metres in size; - Use and Development of a Child Care Centre; - Altering and Creating Access to a Road in a Road Zone Category 1; and - Buildings and works within a Bushfire Management Overlay
Permit TypePlanning Permit
RelationshipAssociated Application

Lodge Submission
Lodge Submission 

Referral Details
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Applicant Actions
Change Permit Applicant 
Respond to / Extend RFIAnnual
Section 50 Amendment 
Section 57A Amendment (After Notice) 
Submit Additional Information 
Withdraw Application 
Extension of Time to Planning Permit 
Secondary Consent 
Submission of Plans/Documents for Endorsement 
Request Copy of Objections0

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