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The City of Casey provides online information on the progress of Planning Applications.

Our Planning Applications Portal enables you to:

  • View the progress of the application
  • Keep up to date on the key assessment steps started and completed
  • Check if further information is required
  • Check for public notification

Planning Applications can be found using the search form below.

Use the fields below to search for applications which are of interest to you. If you know the specific application number, enter it in the Application ID field and click on the Search button next to the field.

Otherwise, use the other fields below to search for applications. You must enter the following information as a minimum for searching, Date From & Date To, OR Suburb.

Use the Search button on the bottom of the screen.

DISCLAIMER: For your information, it may take a several days for an application formally lodged with Council or an updated status to appear in the planning applications portal. It should be noted that the non-appearance of an application in the system does not mean that an application has not been made.

To search for a specific application, ensure that you enter the full Application ID. For example, PA20-XXXX.

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