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Application LinkLodgement DateProposalApplication TypeCategory DescriptionAddressStatus
PA22-074528/09/2022Development of Two Warehouses, ancillary Offices and Reduction in Car Parking RequirementsPlanning Permit ApplicationsPlanning Permit58 Gwen Road CRANBOURNE WEST VIC 3977Current
PA22-072327/09/2022Pylon Signage, Internally Illuminated Directional and Business Identification Signage (119)Planning Permit ApplicationsPlanning Permit45 Selenium Way CLYDE NORTH VIC 3978Current
PA22-071827/09/2022Development of Four DwellingsPlanning Permit ApplicationsPlanning Permit10 Strawbent Rise NARRE WARREN VIC 3805Current
PA22-068427/09/2022Use and Development of an Emergency Services Facility (Fire Station) and associated SignagePlanning Permit ApplicationsPlanning Permit10I Matterhorn Drive CLYDE NORTH VIC 3978Current
SubA00368/2226/09/2022Remove part of Sewerage Easement E-1 contained within Road R1 - Evergreen Phase 4B (1 Lot)Subdiv Certification AppSubdiv Cert App470 Pattersons Road CLYDE VIC 3978Current
SubA00367/2226/09/2022Three Lot SubdivisionSubdiv Certification AppSubdiv / Plan Concurrent Application20 Cornwall Street HALLAM VIC 3803Current
PA22-073726/09/2022Development of Two DwellingsPlanning Permit ApplicationsPlanning Permit7 Hazelwood Avenue CRANBOURNE NORTH VIC 3977Current
PA22-073626/09/2022Three Lot SubdivisionPlanning Permit ApplicationsPlanning Permit20 Cornwall Street HALLAM VIC 3803Current
PA22-073526/09/2022Variation of a Restrictive Covenant E526385Planning Permit ApplicationsPlanning Permit2 Parklands Court NARRE WARREN VIC 3805Current
PA22-073426/09/2022Use of Warehouse for a 24/7 Indoor Gymnasium and Business Identification SignagePlanning Permit ApplicationsPlanning Permit30 Palladium Circuit CLYDE NORTH VIC 3978Current
PA22-072926/09/2022Development of a Second Dwelling and Alterations and Additions to the existing DwellingPlanning Permit ApplicationsPlanning Permit12 Rosalie Avenue CRANBOURNE VIC 3977Current
PA22-071926/09/2022Buildings and Works (Retrospective) and Use of the land for Animal HusbandryPlanning Permit ApplicationsPlanning Permit4-6 Meadow Road DEVON MEADOWS VIC 3977Current
PA22-070026/09/2022Development of a ShedPlanning Permit ApplicationsPlanning Permit13 Seagull Close BLIND BIGHT VIC 3980Current
PA22-067526/09/2022Development of Six DwellingsPlanning Permit ApplicationsPlanning Permit414 Berwick-Cranbourne Road CLYDE NORTH VIC 3978Current
PPA22-012523/09/2022Amendment to Planning Permit PA21-1088 (Development of a Telecommunication Facility)Planning Permit ApplicationsPlanning Permit Amendment (S72)23 Gower Place CLYDE NORTH VIC 3978Current

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